Ulrich Haug

It was in 1998, after he’d completed his studies in fine arts and special education in Ludwigsburg and Tübingen, that Haug began exploring wax as a way of bringing multiple levels of a picture together. His works mostly base on found objects interacting with the depth of the translucent paraffin.

Today Ulrich Haug can control the action and interaction of his materials to create intricate, relief-like structures. He recently devised a way of “burying” texts and photos in wax while allowing specific fragments and extracts to remain legible.

Represented in private collections and organizations all over the world. Several Art-Fairs, with several galleries, a.o.: Art Karlsruhe, KunstRai, Preview Berlin Art Fair. Several solo exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy.

Ulrich Haug works with wax and concrete. The contrast can't be bigger. But there is more to it. Not only more materials, often hidden in the wax and the concrete. More in the sense of a story that is told about visibility and dreams. A story about he state of nature connected maybe to a state of mind.

I love artists who experiment with materials, not for the experiment and the material itself, but because they make you discover a new way of expression. You really have to take an very intense look to see what is happening and to see how it is happening.

Ulrich Haug


Wax, concrete, pigments. 

13x13x9 cm.


Yellow and white

Leinen, Bienenwachs, Propolis

'Sedimente', Wax, concrete, paraffin


109x25x4 cm ieder.